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6. The public broadcasting service in the history of Italy




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EU integration in the cross-media Public Service perspective

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The technological changes that precede and accompany the profound changes of the modern society in which we live make it particularly urgent to engage in a collective European reflection concerning the tasks and the organization of the media in the service of the public.
It is basically necessary to bring out and analyze the current trends and to suggest the guidelines and structures we consider adequate to the new situation, at a national and local level, in Europe and even globally.

For this purpose Infocivica, using the contribution of group of scholars from various European universities constituting the Turin Workgroup, is promoting a process of research and discussion that, following_four_preparatory_seminars will tackle the transformations currently underway and the process will culminate in 2012 with a European Conference on the theme of public_service_media in_the_society_of_information_and_knowledge, again in Turin, in collaboration with the Prix Italia.

The objective of the European conference are: to define a new overall vision of the mission, supply, financing and rules of public service media in Europe.

1. At a European level we intend to define the mission, nature and role of public service media in the society of information and knowledge, clarifying what kind of state aid is legitimate in order to finance the activities of public service media in the society of information and overcoming the aspects of ambiguity within the Protocol annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam.

2. At an Italian level we intend, on the basis of this new European framework, to develop firm guidelines and clear rules of financing and governance in anticipation of the renewal of the RAI State Convention, which is due to expire on December 31, 2015.

Promotors of the European Conference – The Infocivica association and the European Turin Workgroup (in cooperation Prix Italia, he European Commission - Representation in Italy, The Ugo Bordoni Foundation and the Italian Association of Public and Institutional Communication).

Institutional Patronage – This has been requested from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the President of the Italian Republic, the Italian Ministry of Culture - Comitato Italia 150, the Ministry of Economic Development - Deputy Minister with responsibility for Communications, the Parliamentary Commission for monitoring and orientation of radio and television broadcasting activities, Piedmont Region, Turin Province, and the City of Turin.

Scientific coordination – Assured by the Turin Workgroup, an inter-university liaison agency, responsible for preparing the six basic reports and the summary document in the form of the Green_Paper_on_public_service_media_in_the society of information and knowledge.

Organizational coordination - the Infocivica Association.

Editorial Coordination - the Infocivica Association in collaboration with the magazine RAI-ERI Nuova civiltà delle macchine. (The New Civilization of Machines).