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Tv/ Preziosi, a European radio station

Tuesday 21.09.2010 19:28

"One European radio station involving all the public service radios. A 12-star station, like the European flag . We also intend to realize a major continental conference in Rome to get all the interested radio stations involved in this innovative project." This is the proposal that Antonio Preziosi, director of the Giornale Radio Rai, Radio Uno and GR Parlamento, put forward at the Prix Italia in Turin.
Preziosi believes in the possibility of "creating a major European journalistic project involving the radios of the public service through the new cross-media technologies: a twelve star station that can re-launch the role of European information and that of the public service in particular."

The proposal was put forward by Preziosi at the closure of the conference on the "Identity and diversity of Europe" , organized by the European Commission Representation in Italy, together with Infocivica and the Turin Workgroup, in the context of the 62nd edition of the Prix Italia . The international seminar, which was attended by lawyers, media experts and representatives of Italian and European community institutions, focused on issues and scenarios for the cross-media public service, in view of a conference on public service media within the society of knowledge and information.

Preziosi pointed out that all too often both the European continent and the radio are superficially considered to be "old” when in fact they both provide "very modern testimony of the capacity and the desire to be young" and he invited all the heads of the radio stations to participate in the ideation and creation of this great radio station with 27 channels to be transmitted via Internet. Preziosi concluded as follows: "It is my intention to be the playmaker (or point guard ) of this initiative. Radio Uno might, for example, become a promoter of a large European meeting to be held in Rome where we can all reflect together on the drawing up of a common European radio, in which to place all the talent, willpower and resources that are not lacking among our colleagues, the journalists and operators in the field of European radio information.”