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INFOCIVICA - EUROPEAN IDENTITY AND DIVERSITY - Study workshop n. 1. Social change, public service demand and mission in the society of information and knowledge.
Turin Prix Italia – 21st september 2010



Real-time summary:

Before the conclusions Robert Castrucci took the floor: this is a valuable think-tank that must be preserved and nurtured. It is an area where also the Bordoni Foundation can collaborate in setting a series of reports in motion so as to move the project forward.

Antonio Preziosi , the Director in charge of Radio 1 and GRR (Giornale Radio Rai) was entrusted with bring ing to a close this first seminar Social change, public service demand and mission in the society of information and knowledge and he pointed out that he did not intend to draw any conclusions, so much as lead the way to s ome further considerations and reflections . Thus, at this point, he proposed a role and function for the radio in the service of this mechanism of development.

There is much talk of the radio as being old or obsolete: everyone thought it was destined to be left behind by television and the Web. But in fact the radio is anything but dead.

There is no risk of creating a sort of Babel in the world of information, apart from the difficulties of the coordination and harmonization of its different branches. There is actually already a sort of network of thought among my European journalist colleagues and i t is important to promote and encourage this spontaneous network.

The rules of access must certainly be backed up by rules on quality and this is undoubtedly the true vocation of the public service networks. Investing in culture is the best way to build a country.

Antonio Preziosi then recalled the great attention that a sector of the public has towards the radio and the network it covers. Bringing back the radio to the centre of European Information is now an important challenge.

A European radio station

Antonio Preziosi then put forward the proposal for a European-wide radio service with the cooperation of all the main continental stations. This could tell the histories and the current situations of the twenty-seven European Union countries. The challenge that he threw to his the audience was this.

Turin – 21st September 2010 – 2 .30pm - End of the work.

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General content of Director Antonio Preziosi's speech .

Often, when discussing Europe, it is called the "old continent". Likewise, when referring to the radio, it is considered an "old medium of information". This is a double error , as the dynamism of recent European history shows us, but even more as evidenced by the ability of radio to innovate and adapt to keep pace with change thanks to new technologies.

The need to find new outlets for radio within a European context that are not only normative and regulatory is now more important than ever. Laws are obviously not enough to ensure this and support for concrete and modern projects is also necessary . My proposal is to create a European web-radio that unites and combines, thanks to the professionalism of public broadcasters, the cultures and languages of the 27 European Union countries.

This is a further step towards a global dimension of service to the community that celebrates the uniqueness and singularity of the different European countries, thereby conferring a pioneering role to the radio once more.